Xbox One Jailbreak 2019

Xbox one Jailbreak
Xbox one Jailbreak

Finally the Xbox One Jailbreak is released today. How is it possible to Jailbreak Xbox One? this particular guide will assist you to jailbreak your Xbox One. Installing Xbox One Jailbreak will help you to play free games through Xbox Store without purchasing any game and either play game with internal or external HDD (Hard Drive Disk) and also you can backup and game mod inside game option without any third party game mod. Jailbreaking your Xbox One will provide you with full administrator and developer rights over your console’s stock software.  Xbox One Jailbreak can always be installed using a USB flash drive as well as a computer having a stable Internet connection which will help you to avoid any additional expenses whatsoever.

Here are some reasons why you should do it:

  • The jailbreak is completely free on our website You don’t need to pay for this jailbreak.
  • Keep your warranty You can update to the newest firmware and your jailbreak is gone.
  • Game Cheats and Mods A jailbroken Xbox one gives you access to more video game cheats and video game modifications. One such modification is referred to as “God mode,” which basically makes you invincible throughout the entire game. Cheats include unlimited ammunition and unlimited lives. You can also alter game play to create an anti gravity effect. These cheats and modifications work for numerous Xbox games, including “Call of Duty: Black Ops.”
  • Playing Pirated Games You can play pirated games for free you can just download a game for free and see if it’s worth the money .
  • You’ll not have to open your console the jailbreak can be done by downloading the required files below the only thing you’ll need is a USB device so you can transfer it to your Xbox.

How To Jailbreak Xbox One with USB:

These steps and instructions are very necessary for jailbreaking the device. If you miss any of them then you will not be able to jailbreak your device properly. Below are the mentioned steps and instructions for the Xbox one.

Xbox Jailbreak download link:

Compatibility of Xbox One Jailbreak Download:

  • Xbox One S
  • Xbox One X
  • Xbox One Fat


  • You need not open your Xbox One console.
  • 2 GB USB flash drive will be required.
  • This jailbreak is going to work with every single version of the Xbox One.

Step by step:

  1. Xbox One Jailbreak download is available at the bottom of this end step.
  2. Once the file is extracted, you’ll be seeing these 2 files, namely, XBOX_JAILBREAK.TAR and XBOX_PACKAGE.OGG.
  3. The USB stick has to be plugged into your computer system.
  4. A Root folder has to be created in the USB stick which is known as XBOX_ONE.
  5. The 2 files that were extracted and paste into this XBOX_ONE folder.
  6. Next, the USB stick has to be plugged into the Xbox One console.
  7. Go to System Settings, you need to select Update via external storage.
  8. You will get prompt a term conditions and follow to proceed the software update.
  9. Your Xbox One will be shut down and then it will automatically restart within 30-60 seconds.
  10. That’s all! Now you can enjoy your Jailbroken Xbox One.

Congratulations you have jailbroken your Xbox one !

Have fun with your Xbox one jailbreak! if you have any questions / suggestions feel free to contact us.